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Interchangeable Torque Handle
<start><font color=#b11016><b>MIT2</b></font> Interchangeable Torque Handle</start>

MIT2 Interchangeable Torque Handle

Interchangeable Head Adjustable Torque Handle, Window Scale Type
  • Industrial application.
  • Accuracy : C.W. ±4% / C.C.W. ±6%
  • Easy and flexible operation of design.
  • A variety of types and wide torque range of choice.
  • Torque range : 3Nm - 2000Nm ( -
  • Torque setting types : Adjustable torque type, Pre-set torque type & Fixed torque type.
  • Can be used with a variety of head accessories suitable for different needs.
  • C.W. / C.C.W. Direction.
  • Supplied in a plastic box.
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Operation Manual for English (1.2 MB)
Operation Manual for Chinese (1.3 MB)

MIT2, CPS, IPR Series
20x28.5 Head type is Male square Dr.
Can be used with MATATAKITOYO 20x28.5 end fittings.
  ATP, MIT, MIT2, CPS, IPR, MEB Series
9x12 & 14x18 Head types are Female Square Dr.
Can be used with MATATAKITOYO 9X12 or 14X18 end fittings.

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